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Nutrisystem has allowed Rise Up to rise up!

Hello! I am Kathleen, the founder of Rise Up, a small non-profit organization in Jackson, Mississippi. Rise Up was established in April 23, 2000 and has been working towards empowering women from low-income families since then. Starting with just 4 employees, now Rise Up has a team of 19 dedicated staff members.  Our work includes a lot of energy, travelling to fields, and surveying, conducting classes and trainings, and writing reports for hours. Working in the sector of social work for more than 35 years myself, I know how tough, tiring, and stressful our job can be. In order to keep its staff healthy, Rise Up started using Nutrisystem 6 months ago and rewarding its wonderful staff members with free Nutrisystem Coupons!

Social work being a relatively low paying profession, my staff members usually hesitate when it comes to investing on healthy, nutritious meals for themselves. Previously, we used to give each employee $10 for lunch but I started noticing that most of them just got a cheap snack or an unhealthy fast-food meal and saved rest of the money. Since I personally value the health and well-being of my employees very much, I started a $10 Nutrisystem meal plan for each one of them instead of giving them $10 in cash. I’ve even started a lucky draw at the office where 5 employees get free Nutrisystem promo codes everyday! Though some of my employees were mad at me for making them stop their unhealthy eating habits, they highly appreciate their Nutrisystem meals now.

Before and After Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem has boosted our productivity in and outside the office

Betty, one of our workers at Rise Up spends 3 hours every day conducting door-to-door surveys in different neighborhoods to collect data and help plan what events and projects to organize for the future. After a long, tiring morning, she used to come back to the office, order a full pepperoni pizza for herself, and spend rest of the day inserting all the data collected from her surveys in the computer. She always felt sluggish after lunch and even dozed off a few times during work! But not anymore! Now Betty goes to field with a small Nutrisystem snack like a whole grain pretzel or an apple pecan bite. When she comes to the office after field work, she has a delicious, healthy bowl of black beans and rice that’s delivered right to her desk. She’s a lot more productive lately and has told me that she is also able to get better results from her surveys than before because she feels less fatigue and manages to survey more households than before. She now chooses to take breaks by collecting Nutrisystem Promo Codes from newspapers instead of dozing off!

Something healthy for everyone

Janet, our receptionist just found out a week ago that she has diabetes. This being new information for her, she wasn’t really sure what to eat or what to avoid. Just to stay on the safe side, she cancelled her Nutrisystem meal plan and gave all her Nutrisystem Discount Codes to her colleagues. With the help of the internet, she managed to prepare a healthy lunch for herself everyday for a week but always ended up showing up to work 20 minutes late. Being fed up of having to cook every day and shamefully walking in late to the office, she contacted Nutrisystem’s customer service and found out that they had an amazing meal plan for diabetic patients too! She loves that she doesn’t have to worry about cooking anymore and that she can enjoy a delicious meal from a very trustworthy place.

We eat better, we do better

Always working towards empowering women, Rise Up holds a lot of trainings and programs to help underprivileged women earn a living for themselves. Our outstanding trainers spend hours gathering information and materials, making presentations, and training large groups of trainees.  Due to so much work load, they barely have time to prepare healthy food for themselves at home and always rely on greasy burgers and fries to keep functioning during work. After completely skipping breakfast and jumping rich into a heavy, unhealthy meal for lunch, our trainers always struggled to give their 100% during trainings and presentations. Some claimed to feel sleepy after a heavy meal while one staff member always felt funny and had a bad stomach after lunch. These issues made productivity very slow in our office. Trainees wouldn’t be able to grasp what the trainers were explaining very well and results were not very strong. But now, I myself have seen a significant improvement in the outcomes of trainings we conduct. Both the trainers and trainees seem more driven to teach and learn and they have become a lot more active too! Now instead of just having one big meal, our trainers have small meals every few hours and don’t really face the issues they used before. Using the free Nutrisystem discount codes I give them, I catch some of our trainers ordering delicious little treats like Nutrisystem cookies and chocolate bars for themselves once in a while.

30 minute yoga during work

After learning that by mixing exercise with Nutrisystem meal plans we can get even better results, we have started a 30 minute exercise routine at Rise Up! One of our employees, Amanda, is a trained yoga instructor and teaches yoga on Saturdays. She has generously offered to do yoga with her colleagues for half an hour every day. You can catch a lot of us doing downward dogs and sun salutations in our office backyard before lunch.

Are you also looking for healthy meal options for yourself or your work place? Here are some pros and cons of Nutrisystem my employees came up to help you make your decision!


  • A very healthy alternative to fast-food meals
  • Delivered right to your office
  • Easy to find Nutrisystem coupons online
  • Affordable even for individuals with relatively low income


  • Meals are usually frozen, making it difficult eat while working in the field where microwaves aren’t available
  • Difficult to stick to the meal plan and control temptations to eat outside

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